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er, please respond to my last one, heres a new one..

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well you can rant, rave, just jump on that bandwagon.. go see whats so great about dave, ease your mind as he says, take a jimi thing, and maybe then, you'll find some love from within your circle of people just like you, i know its nto how to works with me, finding clones of me is hard to do, there just arent any out there, why want clones of me, so they can talk, walk, sing, write just like i do? does anyone actually care when they give you those gifts, that money, or do they just do it out of need, they need to make u feel pretty, smart, sucking up to people like you is truly an art one must truly search to find, find out how you really work, .. blah blah blah .. fuck everyone like you, you cant have a mind of your own, must be hard when the circles already bought the whole fucking thing, the whole deal, have to find something unique, something completely real to yourself. stop being someone else..