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no fucking bullshit mess in this!!!

Posted to Action Poetry

all these fucking years, just spending life in tears, and nothing to hold them back..with no fucking pill, no happy smiles greeting me everday, dont smile back, dont give me a fucking smile cuz u sure as hell dont see that i dont see i reason why to smile. and dont hand me a pill. ive just got coffee, chocolate, tea..words and music to set me free, not some pill. not some fucking pill to elate me, words, music, escape me, so dont tell me to laugh, cry, you say that without seeing any wish to die..but all teh same reasons. i see there are. .
and ur not here, no ones been here for years, no ones held a hand, had the freedom to escape this godforsaken land, this town that brings out no life, just strife within its own flowers, they wont ever bloom, just go thru the same cycle flowing from loom to loom without ever building a circle or shape of any kind.. dont give me that look i know what you think.. i dont look exactly like you and u dont know what the fuck to do bitch, just stand and act like uve got the greatest fucking plan to go out and have a nice time, no you cant have a good time, seeing things through your bullshit happy wonderland doesnt fit with my rhyme, not with my attitude, you just try to see what i see, but nothing great can you ever conclude about how i feel, u know why? cuz u feel things much differently than i do, and i feel what i know whats real, and u dont have a fucking clue what u feel or what to say to me, just go fucking walk away, thats the best thing for you to do right now