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About that darn wolf

Posted to Action Poetry

Actually, I was thinking about the Spartan boy who stole a fox. He put the fox in a sack and ran. As he was running, he stumbled across some villagers who stopped to talk to him. To hide his deed from them, he hid the sack in his robe. While they were speaking, the fox bit his way out of the sack and, still hidden in the folds of the robe, began biting the boy. Not wanting to admit guilt or trouble, the boy carried on as if there were no problem. Eventually, the fox ate through to the boy's innards, and the boy fell down, dead. The Spartans, as I heard this, told this story to extol the boy's virtues of grim determination and manly fortitude.

But the wolf is not gonna be in the poem, he's just in the first draft. I agree with the comment on it, I'm taking it out.