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White Boy (Domestic Violence)

Posted to Action Poetry

You show up at my door
yeh your junksick,im used
to that
but its not you im looking at
your eyes are cold
remind me of a Pulaski Avenue whore
turning tricks quick,slip slick thru
an alley buy that next hit
i dont know you anymore
were just from the same place
and 3 days later I want you out the door
oh,i learned a lesson you cant get the past
back ,not even on 3 bags...
fuck and do heroin?
shit im screamin in Spanish
im yellin and swearin'
tearin my hair out
throwin your shit out
(hey you lil spic
Puerto Ricans always got bad tempers)
yeah and i guess im crazy too
because one pleading look from you
and im letting you stay
and i know cant take this
even one more day
and so when its finally over
afrer ive slapped you
(wasnt violent but its catching)
and your telling me you hope i cant
sleep because ill dream about you
i say and ill wake up and scream
about you.....

and i laugh because ,you know,
white boy is also another slang word
for smack..and that boy,ill always
dream about