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I was in love

Posted to Action Poetry

I was in love with a cry for mercy from a boy as he sat.
I was in love with a spry perversely conversational cat.
Did lyrics trip me?
Did writing consume my soul?
Was I a picture of perfect distressful bliss?
Did I miss?
A poignant quote that wasnÂ’t recorded
And no one remembered
Was that me in the back seat dead with a bullet through my brain
Am I an executionerÂ’s son?
Was dad a murderer?
Do I clean tiles for a living?
Is my mother rich but lying?
Is it okay to chew Gum on the street?
Can I watch?
Is that your son or mine?
Is eating beans acceptable at the table
Do you mind if I push you over
Did you know I was in Love with you?
And we danced naked in the short summer rain
Am I God
Am I god?
Am I Good
Am I good?
Am I
I am
Fuck This
This fuck
Sweet sweet sWeet Dead Daed Lost, last porno clamp sang two songs if only to drive cars and swim while rich whores ate beans at tables and swanked their way through town looking respectable though their pussies where fistable, illusion double take, and lies exist and we all cry and clamp our hearts with fat and dance and swim and thatÂ’s