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Sals sound wave magic poems

Posted to Action Poetry

I often wondered
about alot of things
but inspecifics as I cried
I opened with eyes wide
and saw the magic of not man named Sal
but of life and limb and lungs and Howl
and nuance through my daily readings , furtive but not sleepy

you ask me if I know my words and yes
I know them very well
but what in all and do and tell
does magic wave of sound and smell
do to me amidst this hell
In dreams past magic soundless beat
that caves real terror as I sleep

I see
Kerouac in visions tell
of minds imagined open wide
and thoughts to great for men to hide
percieve it dusk as dusk would tell
as dusks blue mind would say
and blow and blow and blow the wind
and in and out
and out and in
to glance backward half naked at leering Jack in uncles yarn to spin a tale
like sal