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i could propose it, but why bother

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I guess I could get through to the filmmakers -- I know they are working with the Cassady family as "advisors" or whatever, and I could ask John or Carolyn Cassady to introduce me. But -- here's what I would do with the film, tell me what you think:

I would go for a totally authentic retro look. I'd do it in black and white with a snappy jazz soundtrack and make it all look exactly like a corny Marlon Brando b-movie of the late 50's. I'd even do the titles the way they used to do back then, and I'd try to use only old camera equipment, etc. So the superficial look of the film would be really b-movie/corny -- but then I'd pull out some really brilliant dialogue and acting and knock everybody out with all the emotional epiphanies.

I'd also follow the book EXACTLY. I wouldn't even use a screenplay -- I would just give every actor a copy of the paperback and say "okay guys, today we're filming Chapter Twelve".

I think you'll agree with me, Judih, there is no chance in hell that they are going to take my advice.

-- Levi