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just how cool

Posted to Action Poetry

just how cool am I
just how much have I become
just how can I measure
just how cool am I

if moses were here
would he stutter over me
if the river jordan were
too dry
would I strike a rock
and fill it with honey

just how powerful am I
just how many times
have I cast a spell
and watched while
dogs turned to velvet

just how many spanish
flamenco dancers
have I conjured
in a moments passion
of being there
and bringing it home

how cool would it be
to see myself as others
would I toss my life
to the wind
or would I smile
from a cumulous
post on the way
to never land

just how old am I
just how old was
my mother when she was
this old
just how do I expect
my daughters
to understand lipstick
when I donÂ’t

burroughs drug list
rings in my memory
just how much should I
teach my children
bout getting high
just how cool am I