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2 connected relationship poems (different style for me)

Posted to Action Poetry


he said,
this is exactly the type of rain,
perfect for tying your shoes in.
i had to agree;
how else could he hope to run away?

he said,
this is exactly the type of rain,
that ruins a perfectly good pair of gray shoes,
i had to agree.
even though it was sunny;
i could see what he meant.

the good thing about rain is,
you can go inside and take your shoes off.
this was our first kiss.



once, i had his smile
a piece of just ripened,
freshly pealed clementine.
tasted so sweet,
who picked it off?
fell off on its own-
aged with time.
but it used to be so wonderful to know he smiled,
and was mine!

i lost a smile today,
a gondola that used to take me so far,
how sad to watch it float away!
whoÂ’ll use it now?