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I'm so tired...

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I'm so tired of all this war and pain and suffering sometimes I think I could just fucking scream. I want to go into my room and close the door so that I don't have to hear the stories. I wish that would make it go away. It won't. I don't know the answer to our troubles and I don't think anyone does (especially not George Bush, John Ashcroft or Colin Powell) but I can say this: So much of the pain in this world is caused by mindless seething disgusting greed. People who aren't willing to lose the expensive clothes in order to oppose sweatshops, people who won't pay an extra few dollars to make sure what they're about to purchase was fairly traded, people who won't give up meat in hopes that the socioeconomic benefit of vegetarianism would help to feed hungry people. And honestly I'm fucking sick of it. The harder I try to be compassionate and philosophical about their own personal struggles that may prevent them from doing those things, the more pissed off and fed up I get. When will people understand that simple sacrifices can (and I say this even though I understand that it is incredibly cliche and has been rehashed more times than I like to think about) save humanity and for that matter the whole fucking world...That's the problem. I've narrowed it down to that. Our society is terrified of sacrifice. Well I'm going to go be Jack Horner and sit in my corner. Have fun with this stupid rant, boys and girls.