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seduction and a dj ..critique would be cool.

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(in response to something kinda silly on here, but got more serious) ..

ah yes, take a hit to forget that distance shit
u and i are like that song
being mellow like that long hit of that bong
one w/ a bassline and a flute
i ask anything and u just say shoot
we write rhymes on bus to fulfill the lust
cuz writing for us is a must
how we could bust into song, you'd just spin and id sing along
then dance all ghetto w/ our hands in the air
spinning, singing, grinding as they say, we get a long stare
having too much time to just do some house, trance
thrilling the crowd, making them dance
seeing how the mic is on its stand, but then pass it to my hand
we'd be so good together, no need for a band
with our hits, everyone we could entice
two of us would suffice
a crowd and each other we could please, flowing from song to song with such ease
looking at me dance with a mind that'll tease
by the end of a show, ud wanna be on your hand and knees.
the crowd wanting more would ask please
you'd ask me to take you home
then all over my body you could roam
ahh getting scandalous. its 3 am.. i better stop there. :)