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The Noble Path

Posted to Action Poetry

I've never put any of my "work" in public, but I would really like some takes on this. Technically these are song lyrics, but they are very dear to me.

Illusions are all I see
And They're surrounding me
False emotions I feel
And my life they will steal
I run and I hide
But nothing stops the rising tide
The sun falls and I'm gone
All I can say is don't be long

The wings of a bird flap on by
All I do is look and cry
The beauty of a smile at me
My mind sees and sets me free
I'm not sure what you meant
But it's hope that you've sent
My heart has been hit
My world has been lit

I look up the sky is there
I walk The Path without a care
A half smile on my face
Walking through the human race
The starting line is the end
It's a head, round the bend
Walk on past and it's through
I pass the torch onto you

And it's through...

Tell me what is up above
And I will tell you what is Love
And we can walk hand in hand
Across this barron land.

Thanks for reading.