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hey violet

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on my this the why special question?
if so, i thought it better not to say, cause you need to find out without me trying to put it on 'my tray', but that's such a shitty thing to do, so what did i mean?

i meant that how i see it, every inch (or centimetre) we take in life is uniquely ours.
for me: i found myself drawn to someone with such a fine heady chemical Yes that my breath was taken away. My head said no for a long long time cause i'd been some wringer washer heavies. Yet, chemistry basically is based on something, and lucky for me it is, cause i lived with this guy...started out communally and then became just him and me. He is a talker, a holder of mass fire and i just sucked it in with my brain doing overtime living to keep up a balance.
i felt my soul to be eaten away sometimes and i wondered if i should run.
chemistry reminded me that i loved this guy, and after about a million years, i found that in order to make the relationship blossom, i had to blossom.

thats what i meant
and so the one plus one equalling less than 2 became an exploded sum and is still exploding.

it might take other people less than a million years.

so, violet9ish, is that 515?
and you're special cause you are.
everyone here can tell you that.

pass the spresso,