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One Night

Posted to Action Poetry

Subliminal messages of unprecise wisdom
Whispered under her breath
On the top of the mountain
Starry night shadows across
Her black pupils
That widen increasingly as she steps
Closer to her brink
As her gumshoes slip
And she falls

Sharks dwell in an overgrown bathtub
That resembles a marsh
Goldfish dwell in the cracks
Something utterly repulsive about the way a fish looks at you
Unemotional, unending
Yet ominously treacherous

The stage is unnaturally lit
Set moves in slow motion
She's the lead
Forgetting every line,
Cues and all
Dramatic pauses are dead weight

Screaming this question that is never heard
Or worse
Heard when it isn't uttered
Life and death are merely byproducts ofÂ….

Elephants marching in formation
Through my messy room
Cemented to the ceiling
24 hours all the time
black and white

I wake in a cold sweat