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adios king

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Real flaming glasses spinning enchanted wheels of torment that are actually there and open into something that I can’t believe is world because no way can it be that become the centre of an absurdly solipsistic universe –
Tho the beginning I’m sure has value –
When man - hideous and weak cracked face calloused bitterness churned insides obsessing and undressing primitive circular idea patterns that scream for release while swollen minds tick like unstrung grandfather clocks whose time becomes right just once a day thru manipulative hands touching everyone’s busted behind and all streets that in drenched and sorry psychotic dawn and the wind blows the dead leaves and the living leaves all over the roads and the children sing and the dogs barkbackbark and the bits of something litter open space with debris of a fall – sat and saw angels even just an angel
Some seraphic vision a vision mental images hallucination who has perception or had perception?
Whatever explains ineffable picture shows?
Ecstatic joy or something burning holy fires through surging blood, veins eaten by engulfing sachets of drug machine tonic nervous excitement; inexplicable tears from nowhere I know just keep coming and every eventual trickle is derelict path to paradise –
How easy for the godless man to find the divine the Lord when he has love –
In darkness when life became ideas and shouts HOPE etched on all foreheads and met her:
Choking gasping for breath mind somewhere else like its own cage but now maybe not even mine like it went this part of it and everything has transfigured to her so a reality conception is nothing just some rejection yet there is no fear at the daunting overview and where is it gone?
No longer coarse worlds seeing paradise and the eternity of attacks of racing this tide and glorious image and wonder abusing senses and blowing minds
Colours so vibrant everything is a tree but beatific beauty of creation every day like something new like the first day of all existence of the everlasting you where that becomes my world and like naïve children we see everything completely new every day like its never been there before because there is so much in it all now and I can’t see it all at once just because I found you the world is never the same twice and no more mundane acceptance the book is started every time I wake up and spontaneous insanity overtakes with the moment: excitement at the world at what you’ve made the world at you
Like you opened my eyes to infinity: no time.

Everything about you alters worlds of difference and the freaks blood falls heavier on burdened heads of the irrepressible sister of the metallic towers of the imagination of the soul!
Streets are fields of eternally epic self-faith and rationalisation and soothing blows upon the necks of the nightmare kids makes everything naked in its everlasting majesty with flowers and happiness or maybe broken hearts but still loving it because man it feels right the pain primordial of anxious acceptance and mumbled phrases (IÂ’m in love)
Then dreams start that I don’t at first remember just flash-glimpses of some beat vision ephemeral or something meaningful that could be a purpose tho I could have had my eyes closed in unconscious drug float spasms they’re spasms that flick thru insides and heads turn full three-sixty –
Waking nightmares that like reality I want and feel myself transcending paradigms to states of perplexity who know I am good or angelic but more fallen and less holy shout HOLY the only thing I see is her during hours
That I need other ideas
I am alive they tell me begrudgingly with sly grins and screwed up eyes and it seems perfect like the other people donÂ’t matter and all of this was on something under ventolin clouds from inhalation smokestacks and the great cities obituary of forgotten chapters so I canÂ’t quite breathe and flow like a mad son thatÂ’s more frequent more vivid than the last time I undress her with graceful implosive extremity and every touch is orgasmic marvel of the sweating bedsheets!

Idealistic visionary poet laureate Parisian nobody dumb narcotic nullify –
Obsessing –
Impractical plans of shaking excitement that never stops; whoops and yass and whatever we can because I love you and I know the words big and sure we donÂ’t know what it means just a couple oÂ’ dumb olÂ’ kids w/ too much blood anÂ’ not enough else but all I know is that the momentary seconds of you are the changing of a life and the making of a man and I never want to lose them or you and I want to find paradise or take you to paradise and never looking back wrap an arm round you thru sunset beaches into the gifted road whose white lines are open to anywhere and only thoughts that matter only thing that matters in hopeful eyes is you
So sometimes to heaven or me beat bastard hero it all became like this long flick I wrote while sad being played down thru my head with such beautiful roles but my ugly actor tho I know no one can write like what is happening and you are there and here and really everywhere.

The skies are grey my eyes hurt like tired lidded orbs and the moon hung there like hole leading everywhere eternally up as twisted composition patterns become beat verse and in turn prophecy for a new generation of desolation angels that burn with fire.