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4:20.. yah. j/k.. poem about other poems

Posted to Action Poetry

so i got this literally fat book..
a guide to people's minds who were so open
opposing traditional prose, cant read them with thoughts closed
someone must have thought them bad to label them as outlaws
so what if some poetry has flaws
to ban them, for what cause?
some were probably thrown in trash
burning flames surrounded them maybe once
some kinda authority wanted them to sacrifice
their art, their time
virgin ears wouldnt think theyre nice
a radical change in years
words like tears flowing from sad eyes but slower at times
sometimes w/ rhymes and with a great rhythm somehow all these poems were saved
some flowed, could sing
or dance like crazy
others mellowed you
made you at ease or lazy
some were just a tease for your mind
others just were forgotten
by someone at the time left behind