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wanted yer smooth skin naked

Posted to Action Poetry

has anyone ever wanted you,
the total you so damn badly
with a simmering desperate want,
wanted yer wet lips,
wanted tender earlobes
wanted yer scented neck
wanted yer melting tight shoulders
have you ever been wanted so much
jail walls not strong enough
city spires not too high
a thousand miles of black highway
not too far a distance
has anyone ever wanted
your open-eyed face
wanted yer smooth skin naked
wanted yer ass in cupped hands
wanted yer muscled flat belly
wanted the darkkinkywet forest
crowning yer magical crotch
no walls huge enough to keep out the want
no hole too deep, no armor too thick
have you ever had someone anyone
wanting the blaze of yer feverish mind
yer creative connected longing
yer desperate groaning words
yer imagination direction ideas
the keys to explosive buried ambitions
have you ever had anyone want the total you
fast fingering wet wanting arched back
endless great golden gulps
of yer priceless purring vibrating soul
has anyone ever wanted you
the way I want you
the way I have to have you?

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