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The Many Roads to Japan

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Hi y'all. I spent a good portion of my 20s on the road and ended up in Japan as a university teacher. Back in 1970 I became a conscientious objector from within the military, refused my order to Nam, got court-martialed, spent time in a slammer, returned to an America that confused the hell outta me, and hit the road. Many, many adventures around the world that I've tried to capture in one form or another and finally in the last few years had three books published. "Looking for the Summer" tells the tale of a CO's adventures and search for identity on the road from Paris to Calcutta in 1977; "Toraware" is a psychological drama about the obsessive relationship of three misfits from different cultural backgrounds in 1980s Kobe, Japan; and "The Many Roads to Japan" is a 450-page autobiographical monster that I whittled down to about 50 pages, then switched it over to the third person, tacked on questions for my ESL students, threw in a bunch of pictures and links to artistic, historical, and artist sites like Hieronymous Bosch, Bob Dylan, Kent State, conscientious objection, a bundle of others, and put the damn thing up on the web for the whole world to see.

You can check it out by going to the free download page (or read it online) at and in so doing can check out info on the other books, too. The road has always been a metaphor for life for me ever since a Dutch chick turned me on to "On the Road" when I was bumming roads through Europe in '73. That's all for now. Hope to hear from some of y'all out there. Best.