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i was standing watch on the ship's bridge when the officer in charge turned to me and said, "boats, make sure your lookouts are standing a sharp watch."

*no shit, sir. we are, after all in the land of shit, turmoil, and biological warfare: the persian gulf. good advice.*

"aye, aye, sir!" i said as i went to check on the two deck seamen standing outside with binoculars.

when i came back inside, the two officers seemed to be excited by something they saw in the water. one officer finally said,"shit, i think that's a fucking mine."


all i could think of was the golden rule of mine warfare: if you see a mine, there are 10 more that you can't see.


the officer turned and barked,"boats, pass the word..."

the intercom was in my hand and i had already tuned him out. "set the mine warfare flex! i say again, set the mine warfare flex! set material condition zebra throughout the ship. make zebra reports to ccs. commanding officer please contact the pilothouse."

as the officer talked to the captain, i took a quick glance out the window, before running outside to my lookouts. i could see the little black dot in the water that was causing such an uproar.