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"langwell, get your fucking eyes off that god damned mine!" i yelled as my lookout turned his attention to me. "we have enough jackasses looking at that thing. you need to be looking for any more mines. debris in the water. any discolored water. oil or grease on the surface. fucking anything. you let me know!"

i didn't even wait for him to acknowledge my order before i ran to the other side of the bridge to repeat the same speech to the other lookout.

as i looked down on the forecastle (the forward most part of a ship), i saw guys filing out to take their places along the rails as supplemental lookouts. they were all wearing their "rubber duckies", which is a fanny-pack style floatation device. the deck seamen were busy faking out and charging firehoses. if we get too close to a mine, you can fire a stream of water near it to sort of gently nudge it away from a ship. just remember not to fire the stream directly at the mine or...BOOM