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you cant impress me

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(dont remember all the words, anyone got the lyrics to the Redgum classic? great song which imortalised uniquely oz experience of bali)
(as John Lydon would say 'cheap holiday in someone elses misery...)

Bali T-Shirts/
Magic Mushrooms/
Redgum Bootlegs/
I been to Bali too...

well I dont ride a bike back home in Australia
as a motorcycle hero, I guess I'm a failure
Busses to the left, Trucks to the right
the Honda was a wreck, but I was allright
Hello Macurechrome/
I been to bali too...

touchdown, touchdown, tullamarine
they sprayed me on the plane so I'd be real clean
went through my bags like McCartney in Japan
didnt have a thing so I didnt give a damn
& you cant impress me/
'cos I been to Bali too...