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goin' underground..

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In my humble opinion, one of the most powerful works from Old Angel Jack's "The Subterranneans",
which together with "The Dharma Bums" & "Big Sur", has been the first chapter of my personal trilogy (in order of appeareance on my shelves..)

"On The Road" is a classic, though, but seems quite inflationed by too many people quotin' from it as the Holy Bible without readin' the whole book (or maybe pickin' at random some lines from its pages, just to look "cool"..)

I'm managing to finish "Desolation Angels", sparing some time in beetween my exams..till now it seems quite interesting.

Lately I found an Italian edition of Neil Cassady's "The First Third & Other Writings" whose title got translated as "I Vagabondi"
(The Vagabonds) -> HOW I HATE THIS!

That's why I got troubles in catchin' the references on foreign books, whose titles have been badly adapted from the original ones.. GRRR

Please forgive my literary mistakes.. ;-)