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this is off the top of my head...

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so don't take any of this as gospel, but here's what i can remember...
~lifelong friend of kerouac's from their days at horrace mann prep & columbia u.
~possibly the guy that got kerouac, ginsberg and burroughs together.
~fatally stabbed fellow student dave kammerer after kammerer's persistant homosexual advances towards him, (kerouac spent time in jail charged with being an accessory after the fact, for being with lucien when he dumped the knife in a stormdrain.)
~avoided serving a lengthy prison sentence by claiming self-defence.
~spent most of his life working as an editor for associated press.
~never wrote a published far as i know. (his son caleb carr is the bestselling author of the alienist and angel of darkness.)
~one of the few remaining living people that can be considered a bona-fide member of the beat generation originals.