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how about their final encounter; on the street after the "firing line" t.v. show. jack, drunk, sad, abusive, wondering where it all went wrong. ginsberg, sad, patient, rabinical, telling jack about hippies, hope ,future, love: both mourning loss of cassady. final line: GINSBERG:GOODBYE,SAD GRAY GHOST...[ HE EXITS. JACK ,ALONE, HEARS HIS OWN VOICE READING END OF" ROAD"} "I THINK OF DEAN MORIARTY, IEVEN THINK OF OLD DEAN MORIARTY ,THE FATHER WE NEVER FOUND. I THINK OF DEAN MORIARTY[REPEAT] IWROTE AND HAD PERFORMED A SHOW CALLED"LETTERS TO KEROUAC" A FEW YEARS BACK. COMPOSED MOSTLY OF FICTION LETTERS TO HIM. I USED THIS ENDING. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. FEEL FREE TO USE IT. GOOD LUCK!