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tough question...

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i can't really imagine any known actors playing kerouac,cassady,ginsberg etc.... it's probably because they were all very unique and complex characters...not forgetting the fact that having read and enjoyed a lot of their work, it feels like they are part of me,( i think i'll cry if matt damon and ben affleck are the leads in the rumoured movie version of 'on the road'.) casting a lot of unknown actors that look a lot like the originals would be a good start.

by the way, who's david johanson? corso (like kerouac) did have an unusual sounding voice...i remember reading that a young hunter thompson went to a corso/kerouac reading in florida with a few of his air force buddies, they were drinking beer and rolling the empty cans down the aisle...causing an annoyed gregory to exclaim,"cweeps, you're all a bunch of cweeps."