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alright, done some research...

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here's what i got:
Title: Rebel Without a Clue
Leapdate: September 1, 1958

Episode Number: 039
Air Date: November 30, 1990
Writer: Teleplay: Randy Holland & Paul Brown
Story: Nick Harding & Paul Brown
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast: Josie Bissett, Dietrich Bader, Teddy Wilson, Michael
Bryan French, Scott Kraft, Mark Boone, Jr., Joshua

As "Bones," a member of a motorcycle gang, Sam is an uneasy rider who has
to prevent a Kerouac-inspired young woman from meeting her death on the

so, looks like Sam didn't leap into Kerouac, but he was involved in the story-line. As far as I can see, this episode hasn't been released on video, only a limited number have, so your best bet is to hope it gets re-run on the sci-fi channel or something...! hope that's some help.