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the moon is a big ass rock

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hi ida, you sound very upset. perhaps you should refrain from judging people you don't know. you don't know me, and from your posting i gather you certainly didn't know william very well. and less about our relationship. william would have no problem whatsoever with me selling things he gave me, and i don't need piles and boxes of stuff to remember him by anyway. his longtime companion and executor of the burroughs estate james g. has been supportive as well. william (and james) was harshly critisized for endorsing this or lending his name to that by fans like you in the course of trying to make a living. so i'll take your thoughts for what they're worth. and besides, wouldn't you like a cool signed target? so save your flames and venom, ease up on the drama and as a wise old queen used to say "try and take a more broad general view of things".