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that's not exactly true . . .

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actually, according to the Whitney Museam of Art, many of those artists are considered to be Beat. I took a class on Beat Culture tought by David Quick, a Beat film maker. The class was taught from an interdisiplinary angle . . . allowing music, dance, theather, liteature, and visual art to all by taken into account. One of the texts was "Beat Culture and the New America 1950-1965" by Lisa Phillips.

The book addresses the issue of "Beat" meaning far more than just liteary works. After all, all of the origional Beats were interdisiplanry artists. Burroughs a film maker, Ginsberg a photographer, Kerouac a painter.

To name some of the Beat visual artists:
Jess (Robert Duncan's Lover)
Wallace Berman
Bruce Conner
Edward Kienholz
Jay DeFeo
Dean Stockwell
Dennis Hopper
Robert LaVinge
Robert Rouschenberg
Andy Warhol
Bob Brannamen

There are many many more.