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Another poem..please comment

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The Shrieking Lady

YouÂ’re full of pain and a lot of hurt
Your darling son you lost last May
You never really came to terms with the loss of him
Your life has been put on hold, one year after the incident
You stare out at the sea, crying heavy tears
You show no affection to your other loved ones
You have severed your ties from the outside world

I often wonder will you be set free?
Take your own life, I am wary
The solid waves smash up against the cliff
Causing water to pour over the fence
The water looks so tranquil below
But is the opposite
The rocks below show the seas inner self
I hope she doesnÂ’t follow the waves down
To a bitter end

Her son was taken away so unaware
She was full of shock
I do swear
He tried to grab the wave as it splashed
But the little boy fell to an early grave
His mother rushed out of the house
She screamed for mercy
But he was already gone
To late she was

She always did blame herself
For her little sons horrid death
On the day of the funeral she did cry
“Why did my sun have to die”?
Her family had to comfort her
But she was incurable
Her heart bled