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St. Louis from the Arch --- and the east side ...

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...Miles Davis' home town is East St. Louis, Illinois. That city is different now with a decent looking hotel seen clearly from the Arch observation windows and a floating Casino moored south of the Eads bridge (which is currently getting its roadway replaced). E. St. Louis of the 50s was the after hours spot -- one evening we meandered through E. St. Louis en route to Fairmont Race Track. Leaning through the car window I asked a young black women how we could get to the track.
Poised on a very high curb she looked down at our overloaded Plymouth and said, "Drive, honey."
St. Louis is different too, than it was in the 50s ... the Admiral is still cruising back and forth 'twix Cairo and the foot of Washington Avenue downtown ... the old Yatch Club with its one act plays and Nicolaska specials is gone from anchor south of the Admiral, the Union Station is a hotel. Parts of the city are still beautiful.
When I visit the old neighborhood (which is now a foundation for a super highway) I'm entertained by many memories ...