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Out We Jumped in the warm, mad night...

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There are few places left to go...North Beach usually gets the most visits because thats where City Lights is. (The Corner of Colombus and Broadway) There are a few coffee shops there, but as of late most of the true beat places are changing hands (and names) every six months or so.

The Fillmore Neighborhood is half ghetto half yuppie shopping area. The building that once housed Jimbo's Bop City is still there but it is now a book store. Here is a list of what the city once was...

The Cellar on Grant Ave (1956) Ruth Weiss began reading poetry onstage at. accompanied by Jazz drummer Sonny Nelson and trumpeter Jack Minger. In 1961 she made a film based on her poem "The Brink."
The Red Drum
JimboÂ’s Bop City
Jamsons Nook
Club Alabam, later became Club Sullivan.
New Orleans Swing Club
Elsie's Breakfast Club (Fillmore @Sutter and Post)
Harold Blackshear's Cafe Society.
The Favor
Havana Club
The Long Bar (Fillmore between Post and Geary)
The Blue Mirror
Ebony Plaza Hotel (basement club)
Booker T. Washington Hotel (Ellis) lounge is where Slim Gaillard played '
Drummer Coffee Gallery at Grant Street
Hungry I
The Dragon Lady (Chinatown jazz club)
The Say When Club (Bush St.) Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday Opened 1948
Ciro's club also opened featuring black artists