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Read my poetry..I really want some opinions on my poems.

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Surrender into the roses

Hide behind a smile
Not showing your true feelings
Hiding in the shadows of the night
Waiting for your prey
The Owl echoes throughout the forest
The fear of being caught
Surrender into the red roses
Hiding away from reality
Hoping you will have the power to pounce
Surrender into the roses
I will leave you no trace.

Winter Night

In front of the orange fire we do sit
Singing out a melody to entertain us
With the gale smashing into the window,
Like a flock of geese.
This cabin so very quaint
The rusting oil lamp brightens up the room
The fire crackling
Spitting orange sparks
The dark forest you can see through the window
This forest houses so many mammals
The dark star filled sky as clear as my conscience.
The stars looking down to earth
They wink their glow in our direction
The whiskey bottle with nothing within
Icicles dropping from the window ledge
The snow pellets on the ground
Giving the grass a carpet of snow
Everyone sleeps.

Vampyros (The Vampire)

Oh my darling this shall not hurt
My teeth are as sharp as the syringe
If you do not allow me to feast on your blood
Our love shall be forever lost
Oh darling your blood I can already taste
But I am yet to have a single drop on my lips
Please, my beloved will come with me
To my hazy labyrinth,
We shall stayÂ…
Live through timeÂ…
We can never grow old, or crack
We shall be forever you,
Sweet, sweet darling

Curiosity killed the Owl?

How I wish for the morning to begin
This night drags onÂ…
Boredom sets in
The darkened barn houses a howling owl
The full moon 3D in the starry sky
OrionÂ’s belt reminds me of my catÂ’s eyes.
I lie back and shut my eyes
I am forced to open them
I hear a noise outside
It happens to be my wonderful cat
Running through the barn outside
It surpriseÂ’s the unaware Owl
The cat jumps up and knocks it down
A rumble and tumble the bird falls down
I try to helpÂ…
But I am stuck with curiosity
In the back of my mind I do know
That, that Owl wonÂ’t bother me anymore


The great gates of Atlantis under the mighty ocean
Open up to a new realm
The mighty palace submerged under many litres of water
The glistening fish swim between the window frames
The magnificent buildings still rich with glamour
But not lifeÂ…
For I am the first person in many years to venture in this forgotten realm
IÂ’m mesmerisedÂ…
I feel right at home, below the sea
It is quite strange,
This wondrous place
The many grand people who have roamed this city
But its silent now, for time has passed
This place used to be surrounded by mystery
But now it has bloomed into reality

Trance Dream

Find myself floating through stars
But it isnÂ’t for real just in my mind
Imagination overdriveÂ…
Swimming through the chatting stream
On my lonely wooden raft
Spinning and spinning
Floating and floating
In my insanity
I must escape from my personal madness
My dreams are turning into reality
You have to wake me up, before the fall
Wake me up!

The Frustrated Man

The deadly silence of this pained filled hospital
Waiting for some news on my love
The lack of news or information would be frustrating
I would never be able to cope with death
Waiting for a sign
Whether good or bad
He doesnÂ’t care
He is just a frustrated man
The words of wisdom they pass on are just a script
They learned how to speak in medical school
It is not natural
All the things we have yet to accomplish
I feel my darlingÂ’s pain and suffering
I hope she can hold off the light a little longer

This hospital is such a depressing place
This place of the devil
Filled with disease and decrepitude
I hope they spare her life
For she is so angelic

I hold her hand as she weakens up
Her grip becomes feeble
I feel her slipping away

This is it
The machine goes off
That soundÂ…I never thought I would hear

As the room becomes colder
I can feel her rising up


Wrote up by Graham Robson 2001 ©.