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that the comming of the beat generation is what lead to the counter culture of the 60's. teenagers finnaly had a premise on which they could rebel on. no longer did they have to listen to their parents music because music had spawned into a meca of race and culture. elivs was a white man singing black lyrics. the all black radio station WDIA of the 50's was being listened to more and more young white's than anyone could have imagined. this was the perfect enviroment for kerouac's writings where the question on "if society really is the best way of living" was easily seen by many young americans. now w/ the cold war and vietnam rapidly aproaching america had turned into a different nation. the 50's, with the new "beat" movement gave light to the underground culture which was about to erupt in the next decade. you can also support this w/ the connection between the beats and jazz. jazz was sung by blacks and beats embraced jazz. more and more whites were listening to jazz and look down upon for crossing the imaginary line of race integration. that is why the hypocracy of american society looked down upon beats. and now you had a group of people using drugs, listening to black music, and rebeling against the basic ideas of society (possesions were nothing. spiritual freedom is everything. seen in kerouac's writtings . try dhrama bums by kerouac) which did not sit well w/ traditional american culture. remember, you are comming out of a war (ww2 in the 40's) and the fact that people were satarizing american life was strongly looked down upon.

hopefully that helped you out even a little. matter of fact im just getting into the beats and kerouac. my history teacher turned me on to it.