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the sound...of sandals

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it is a more problematic than this.Any war of the magnitude of wwii is going to cause a population to retreat into conservatism. Society only wants normality after such an extreme event, this means jobs, marriage,family and suburbia. The beats were the among the first to reject this and offer an alternative 'vision'. Too soon the "beat generation" fragmented , Kerouac into his lonely alcoholic oblivion (and ironically conservatism), Ginsberg into his activism, Cassady's last ride with the Merry Pranksters and Burroughs...remained Burroughs. In many respects the beat's love of jazz doesnt always bear scrutiny, just as many white acts now borrow just enough from hip hop to claim a share of 'street' credibilty so too the beats showed no fundamental understanding/empathy with jazz. Kerouac (allegedly) button holed Coltrane outside the Village Vanguard to ask "Why do you hate jazz so much?" when Coltranes musical development became more than Kerouac could understand.