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the amalgamation of language

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I have to admit, I love picking up slang from different sources. Like most young people -- hell, probably like most people at this point, I say like to the point of not-noticing. Oh, the ubiquitous like! Other phrases I probably couldn't stop saying if I tried are dude, man, cool, awesome, tripped-out, where it's at, pad, crash and my personal favorite (with love to DiPrima) bugged. The funny thing is, even though I know many people use this slang (or else it wouldn't be effective as language), I feel really cool when I'm saying it! This is especially true of rarer words like those from the '50s, or phrases like where it's at, which is the title of one of my favorite songs. There seems to be a balance between slang that's well-known enough for you to communicate your point to another human being and slang that's so well-known that it's no longer fun to say (when the Beats became Beatniks, for example).

But, I'm going off on a tangent. Like, I'm just tripping on this whole slang thing, man.