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beat writers i.d'ed the modern living psychosis syndrome.

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To be sure these web links are a great personal resourse for me. Having been turned on by the Kerouac and his 'on the road' I have for many years been trying to encourage my younger friends to read it and everything else truely 'beat'
I think in 'Visions of Cody' mr K talks about what is behind those red brick walls illuminated by the neon lights down those dark alleys in the city.
I think our soul is trapped there and is lit up only by artificial lite and hidden away in the alleys of the New World Order. Basically what K and the rest of the true beats point to is the fact that most people are downtrodden and constrained by modern life with its wild swings and changes.....things that a person who really believes in their integrity can just remain floating above with their sanity still intact... and it gets them beaten down and then lost to hope,lost to love and salvation at their own hands and minds.Kerouac identified the 'modern malaise'.
Well thats what i believe and i came to this realisation in little old New Zealand (where i come from) about ten years ago ( i know i know i am a late starter) and proved it to myself when i started travelling>>>>>havent finished that either...I secretly believe the Thais know what is behind their brick walls,good on them!Budda belief helps them alot, probably 'cos most of them are adjacent to their natural environment( the key to balancing out the downward spiral of death anxiety
which is at the root of most beaten peoples'problems. So thats a short rant from a mad Kiwi...........any requests?