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I agree, but it's just what you're used to...

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Yeah, I used to get really irritated with that style of it's overuse in episodes of 'Friends' and deliberately never used it that way myself, but in the last few years I've gotten more away from that kind of culture and more into this beaty kinda stuff and etc. (although I'm ashamed to say I did watch an episode of 'Friends' just about 2 hours ago...and laughed) I've picked it up from beat culture without even noticing, when I absolutely despised it in the valley girl kinda context. Maybe it's because in the v.g. context it's shallow and lazy language substituting for 'proper' words whereas with the beats and similar it's used not to substitute but to complement words, acting, as already mentioned in this thread, to add rhythm; maybe both contexts are the same and I'm just more willingly influenced by beat culture than valley girl culture. Like, whatever.