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Demien A life of Hell?

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You do not have to fall into these things and they are not compulsory or reserved only for those who are following Abraxas. You miss the point, we are tho ones that can embrace beauty and truth. We are the lucky spirits because although a life following a different dream may be hard at times we are able to benefit and have renewed faith at every corner!!!
The whole point of a book like Demien is not just to create awareness of the dream, that will happen naturally abraxas finds you and lives within us. But to help us to understand why bad things happen also, life itself will bring popular distrust,suspicion, obscurity and poverty, whatever path you choose to follow. Sorrow is universal but so is joy, that is what you should search for rather than condemning yourself to a life of hell. When beauty and sorrow walk hand in hand we have an equilibrian. WE HAVE ABRAXAS.