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damn, my cover's blown...

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What books get me revved?

Hmm... That's a tough question. I'm really a bad, bad reader. I will read many books one right after the other, and then go years (literally) without picking one up. Reading is a bit difficult for me (not sure if I'm ADD or just brain-damaged in some other way) so it's a bit of a chore for me to undertake.

Those authors who have really moved me the most (emotionally) are: Hesse, Tom Robbins, Joan Didion, Gunter Grass, Vonnegut, Bukowski, Anais Nin, and Milan Kundera. I've also really enjoyed reading Hunter Thompson, Dostoevsky, Sartre, Camus, John Barth ("The End of the Road" is amazing) and others.

I haven't been reading much beyond the various "unknown" writers on the net lately, but having just recently allowed myself to get into writing, and reading other people on various websites, my passion for the art is being rekindled... am I talking too much? ;)

Some of the crap I've written recently can be found at my website... which can be found by looking at my profile here, if you're interested. I only just started writing because for most of my life I've been put off by the thought that I could never match the skill of my idols, so why try? ... I'm getting over that, though.