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Scenes with Hells Angles

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You remember the scene in the Kool Aide where, embracing universal truths, the bus members turn on with the Hells was in that segment that Woolfe admits that no one was able to stand up. ..all had indulged.

Why do I love the Kool Aide..god knows I read it about 25 years or so ago...because it was about what seemed real to many people at the time..the anti-Vietnam protests..the need for a brighter vision of human experience.. the truly amazing part of it is that it is not just about the people on the bus...the people who are on this magical mystery tour through is also the personal story about a man..Ken Keysey who did actually reach out to his fellow human beings... it was a case of the experiment that moved outside the laboratory.. A precursor to One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest.. they aren't writing our collective history like they used to ma!