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thank you...

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for bringing Richard Brautigan to LitKicks!

He has been my favorite novelist/poet for many years, and I still enjoy pulling out any of the books from my shelves, and rereading them. They are wonderful short, imaginative books that have a zen-like attitude about them, in their brevity, awareness, and humor, and also a nice blend of psychedelic perception (even tho it has been my understanding that he did not do psychedelics, or any other drugs).

A few other recommended reads by Brautigan:
'Sobrero Fallout-a Japanese Novel' (1976)
'the Hawkline Monster-a Gothic Western' (1974)
'Willard & His Bowling Trophies' (1975)

An interesting e-cruise can be had on
under his name. His older books are available thru 'Used Book Dealers' at quite hefty prices, as he has his own cult following, deservedly so.