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the rest of history failed

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I hope I don't ever come across as some flower-happy starry-eyed believer in nostalgic hippie dreams, but I do think the peace movement of the 60's was a positive force in history. Think of all the government-sanctioned violence that took place in the 20th century, from the Nazis to Stalin's Russia to Mao -- then go back to the Turks massacre of the Armenians, and up to Rwanda in the 90's ... it makes me think mankind is truly sick. I think the peace movement addressed this fact in an open way. That doesn't mean a lot of the guitar solos didn't go on too long ... I just think overall it had a positive effect. If the young people of that time hadn't risen up against American involvement in Vietnam, the course of history since then might have been different. By rallying popular support and media attention towards a withdrawal from Vietnam, the hippies and peaceniks helped bring a bad war to an end and gave a message to our government that the Pentagon doesn't work in a vacuum, but must respond to the popular will. This is no insignificant achievement.

-- Levi