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Sorry that you have to come across this flower happy starry eyed believer in nostalgic hippie dreams, but I have something to say. The sixties proved an amazing time when we look at a political revolution and you only have to play a Gratefull Dead album to see the changes in music also the free style literature that of course had already started with the beats, but the way that a whole world of people young and old joined together during one of the most influential and scary times in history to spread love and peace is amazing. With the added benefit of open L.S.D taking and Kesey and Learey etc.. ^The world of ABRAXAS as described by Hesse Actually openly existed. Now I find that through fear and boredom of being told to act like a child born in the seriously depressing eighties instead of a Hippie, The dream that was fought for by our fathers is too be denied again! WEll i love flowers I love the s tars and I will continue to support the belief system of Abraxas.....I'm sorry if I sound irate but I belief that the mere survival of the music, literature, ideas also the fact that for the only time in hi story love and peace won over fear money and power! Surely an example we must all credit and be thankfull for and learn from. The movement of the sixties tidal wave has not disappeared it has merely stretched into this decade. HMMMMMMMMM!