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what we are. . .

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and what we will be will not explode until the twenty ninth century. I think that is a quote of paul kantners and after reading thru the block of responses to the first statement feel a need to say that all of the experiences listed were a necessary part of our human evolution. Not everything was new but the intersection of so many diverse things at once was not pure serendipity.As those who have gone before have told us the biggest discovery of this time was the fact that we are a part of a greater being,that of the human race itself,and when we had the chance to see, through the use of psychedlics and by listening to reports of those who went there, the inter-connectivity of all aspects of our existence.As for Kesey and his writing it his his greatness that allows us to see beneath the tie dies and paislies that the timelifenewsweek mega media has tols us was the sixties, the summer of love that got sold to america, what was real. Kesey has a great bullshit detector and a very large heart. Go away and come back,what they were and how they are perceived.and as grace slick said one rotten cantalope rind doesn't smell as bad as a hundred rotten cantalope rinds so a flower bloom and goes to seed and others grow. love to all.