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Holy shit ... how could I miss some of this stuff? Definitely good suggestions, thanks.

Okay, one by one:

We'll just have to disagree about the merits of Charles M. Schulz. He's in my pantheon and I've always seen him as very "sixties" in his sensibility. I mean, he named the bird Woodstock. But I know not everybody shares my love for his work. And Suess is a good catch, I'm glad you pointed that out.

"A Thousand Days" is non-fiction ... I know some of the other works I cite like "Nigger" and "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" are as well but I just don't see this making the list, even if (as I was not actually aware) everybody read it.

I'm not sure if Charles Webb (author of the novel "The Graduate") was well-known before the movie came out but I do believe he was much more well-known in the years after the movie came out than he is today. He is virtually non-existent, even as a memory, to most readers today. He wrote several novels besides "The Graduate" (some of which I read any liked) and I find him an interesting case for further investigation.

I didn't mean to dis "Hair". I love the cast recording and I also met and had a really nice conversation with James Rado recently (he still lives in the Village and works in theatre). I will try to adjust this paragraph to make it less critical.

"Everything you always wanted to know" and Rod McKuen, definitely, how could I have neglected them! They will go in the next version.

Didn't know about "Student as Nigger", I will look that up. Maybe I should include "The Strawberry Statement" as well?

Hunter S. Thompson deserves more mention, yes. I would like a really good whole bio page on him for this site, maybe that's why I didn't emphasize him too much here. I am also planning on covering Hesse, Salinger, Pynchon, Vonnegut, Robbins and Brautigan more in depth in articles to appear here soon (as well as many more, I hope).

Okay, I am ashamed to not be guessing the 1939 banned book. "Tropic of Cancer"? "Lady Chatterly's Lover"? Tell me please ...

-- Levi