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right and some of them are cool

Posted to Poetry and Politics

but one of them has his finger on the magic mekong death button
bangin like a gong

saddam, yep,
he has oil, too
he needs those dollars
to build his war machine
and starve his own brown skin brothers
and his sisters, don't mess with saddam
don't be fooled, see, he's got
enough missiles
gas and bio bombs
to kill other brown skin
like me and maybe you
but he is only a threat
to just the ones
who happen to disagree with him
opposers of his regime
the ba'ath
hey, it's cool
maybe saddam, he hates your mom
maybe me
maybe you
he sure knows bombs

remember the scuds
yeah, good name
for them
don't you agree?

YEAH, that makes him cool
doesn't it?

yeah, and if i had a crystal ball
and i bumped into hitler
i would knife him in his one testicle
area till he expired
and when they hung me for murdering
this so-called innocent painter
i would be glad and hope
to be greeted on the gallows
with a viscious crowd
mad, that i didn't cry
at the death of my mother
she knew
and she was glad
i killed the killer first