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This excerpt is from a Boston Globe article about Vonnegut, dated 5/5/01. He has been teaching at Smith College for the past two semesters. The article is online at:

There is also a Vonnegut newsgroup, alt.books.kurtvonnegut

"Vonnegut has made more of his time at Smith than stirring up trouble. Over the past year, the author has read poems and told jokes at local cafes, scatted as the lead vocalist of a band he called ''Special K and His Crew'' in the city's annual
talent show, exhibited what he calls his ''new-cubist'' artwork at a local gallery,
and helped a local bar brew a beer his grandfather made more than a century
ago. He has also been doing something he promised not to do: writing a new novel he's calling 'If God Were Alive Today.' "