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I found a curious book

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A friend of mine found it, really. A small, thin volume of Emerson's essay "Compensation." My friend works part-time in the library at University of North FL and they were selling used books for a dollar each. My friend knew I was into Transcendentalism so he picked it up for me and I paid him the dollar. This is a strange little book. Published by Grosset & Dunlap in New York, there is no date showing when the book was printed. It may be part of a set of books, like a boxed set. The cover resembles stained glass in appearance. I would almost have to send a picture of this thing to really do it justice. I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about the book and when it was printed. I recently bought a digital camera and would like to send a picture or two of the book. Oh, also, the title of the book is on a label, glued to the cover of the book, but not a home-made label. The book is 3&1/4" by 6&3/4", by the way. Levi, can I e-mail a couple of pictures of this book to you?