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some good words there...but I feel that you have not taken your philosophy to its ultimate conclusion:

you praised the birth of the u.s. with both its declaration of individual independence and the constitution which put the government at the hands of strict checks and balances.

you have praised its rise to its 'adulthood', as a banner for what is good, and what free men can accomplish.

but you seem to deny any consequence of what the u.s. needs to feed its own staggering need for energy. a country that is the fattest in the world has an insatiable appetite for natural resources to continue to feed its needs, mix in what the country wants, i.e., more product made from more resources, not necessarily to benefit it citizenry, but for one reason only - money. i do agree that a free market seems to be an ideal for all people, however when a free market outprices its participators, that leaves the power in the hands of a few. inequities are sure to leave those on the lower end of the scale bitter, and bitter for more reasons than envy.

altho i am of the school that our planet will never achieve a utopian state, where all people are free, intelligent, and wealthy (in a capitalist sense), i do (altruistically) feel that our one planet must be recognized for what it is: the mother of life that sustains all of life for reasons that may not be understood by the power elite, much less the unknowledgeable, for we are, in the end, all interconnected, and not islands that have no need for each other.

Look at this one planet as if your were seeing it from the moon. one blue planet that has life, the only one that exists within our solar system...a fragile place that is subject to many things, maybe another stray meteor which could destroy anything man has claimed to be the ultimate. or perhaps a virus that cannot be stopped (AIDS?), an infestation of insects (pestulance)...many things so much more important than touting our strength against our own.

True the u.s. does have enemies, but look into our current enemies eyes, those sickly eyes that reflect a definite illness within. if we are truly concerned about a threat of terrorism, then we must address 'cause', for that is where the seed of threat lies, not a small group of ignorant peasants led by the nose by a madman. if we do not learn of the basic cause of terrorism, we will never be able to justifiably prevent will continue to sink its roots deeper and deeper into the fear of those that refuse to understand its origins. can doctors heal a disease if they do not understand it? the answer is obvious.

i also see that humanity is quickly reaching the crossroads of modernism and primitivism, i.e, the digital age (if you will) versus the old, tired world of yesterdays religious fundamentalism. those that cannot keep up with the so-called industrial societies will die out due to refusal to accept the oncoming millenium and its destination...more knowledge of life, how it operates, how to deal with the new realities....the biggest being that 'all mankind is free,' not just the wealthy, not the politicians, not just the words of priests keeping the flock down...there will come a time (if nature allows), where we as human beings will live our lives as our own priest, our own president, our own individuality waving in the breeze of change, fulfilling our own destinies the way nature has intended.

But right now, in 2002, we are still infants upon this earth, and treat its resources as a child would - a sandbox for our own amusement. we are perhaps the only evolving species upon this planet - and our future is in our own minds.