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On Editorial one:

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"Morality, to me, is black and white."
This has to be one of the most foolish statements ever made, and if you don’t know why then I despair... erm Nelson Mandela... suppose he was a terrorist?

"Any action undertaken can be broken down into basic abstractions and concepts" this is philosophical dogma, every action is inherently different, and the more we take its abstraction we take away from the force of its reality and run into that dense endless tunnel of absolutism. Inflexible moral maxims do not work, no situation is identical.

"Violence is the abandonment of reason, and reason is man’s primary tool for survival; therefore, abandoning reason is abandoning man’s nature, is destructive to mankind and is thus immoral."
Yet again with the dogma... HOLD ON every one LISTEN UP... they have figured it out... What GREAT minds have been arguing about for thousands of years (ARISTOTAL,KANT, HEGEL,MILL)... mans true nature is REASON, well you must be awful proud.